Kaleidoscope 28/40: Not that kind of bullets...

Kaleidoscope 28/40: Not that kind of bullets...

Hey friends,

Today, we're going to keep it simple.

One of my cornerstone beliefs is that most of our fundamental desires are simple, but not easy.

The path to health? It's 7 keys, not one of them would surprise you. 
Simple, but not easy.

Want a loving relationship? The science is laid out: be aware, be considerate. 
Simple, but not easy.

Warren Buffet owes the vast majority of his fortune to compound interest.
Simple but not easy.

Most people bristle at simple but not easy.
Because — gasp — it's not easy.

Rather, they frantically search for silver bullets and hope that this is finally the magic potion that will solve all their problems.

Rather, let's ask ourselves:

Is this actually simple (but not easy)?

Yes, it most likely is.

Big wins can come from simple solutions. They're readily available and often obvious... they just aren't easy.

The good news is that it can be easier than we think — after all, we already know the strategy.

Told you it was simple (but not easy).

Until tomorrow,